The Challenge

 To be the first to sail a Multihull, Solo, Non-stop and Unassisted Around Australia

The Course
Starting on the East Coast of Australia at Mooloolaba sailing anti-clock wise.
Entering the Great Barrier Reef at Raine Island, QLD, then to Ince Point, Wednesday Island, QLD, past
Melville Island, NT, the Montebello Islands, WA, South East Cape, TAS then back to Mooloolaba.
Total Rhumb Line distance - 6,536 nautical miles.
World Speed Sailing Record Council (WSSRC) Course
The Record
42 days 5 hours 31 minutes 55 seconds set by Ian Thomson sailing SOS Ocean Racing - Welbourn 12m monohull
who started on the 5th May 2010 and finished on the 16th June 2010.