2012 H&R Block Three Peaks Race Documentary

The 2012 H&R Block Three Peaks Race documentary is playing on National TV, starring Bruce & Suzanne Arms, Jessica Watson and Mobile Travel Agents Big Wave Rider.

The Australian Three Peaks Race is a four day short-handed sailing and endurance mountain running race held every Easter in Tasmania, Australia

Channel:  7mate
Date:       Saturday 22nd December 2012
Time:       1.30 pm to 2.29 pm
Tasmania is having an additional showing on TV.
Channel:  Southern Cross
Date:       Wednesday, 26th December 2012 (BOXING BAY).
Time        10am to 10.59 am
Copies can be also purchased on the H&R Block Three Peaks Race Website link below;
Check out the below H&R Block Three Peaks YouTube doco promo.