About Bruce Arms

  • Bruce Arms has competed in three Solo Trans Tasman Races and three Three Peaks Races.
  • He won the last two Solo Trans Tasman Races back to back, a feat which hasn’t been done in the forty year history of the race.
  • I.S.A.F World Speed Sailing Record Council - Ratified World Record "Singlehand Around Australia", 38 days, 21 hours, 41 minutes & 42 seconds completed on 18 October 2011.
  • He skippered Big Wave Rider to a win in the H & R Block Three Peaks Race 2012, the tougest race in the 24 year history which is billed as the Unique Endurance Challenge.
  • Joint Winner of the Yachting Queensland Wyuna Trophy for QLD Male Sailor of the Year 2011-2012.
  • Bruce has been sailing all his life, starting off in small dinghies and skiffs, then moving onto keel boats and multihulls.
  • He has numerous offshore miles in multihulls racing and cruising and is a boat builder and project manager who likes to make sure that the boats he sails are 110%
  • Bruce was Project/Voyage Manager for the Refit on Pink Lady and for Jessica Watsons amazing voyage. He is featured in Jessica’s book “True Spirit” and the DVD “210 Days”
  • He was a guest speaker at a Westpac RGM Bank Conference July 2010. Bruce was a guest speaker at the Waitara Boating Club 50th Anniversary Labour Weekend, NZ