POSTCARD Delivery - Hobart, TAS | Albany, WA

South Coast 36 – Monohull
Boat Specifications and Photo’s
Yacht Tracker – Follow our progress during the delivery voyage.
Days Ten to Twelve - Mon 10th to Wed 12th Dec 2012
Departed Swan Island @ 0800.
Pushing a strong 2.5 kts current in Banks Strait.
Motored for the first 13 hrs HAND STEERING in 0 kts of wind.
Had a strong E wind to sail to Cape Ottaway, Mr Wonkie works with WIND.....
Motor sailed from Cape Ottaway to Port Fairy arriving @ 1330 WED 12th Dec.
The paddock (Bass Strait) was lumpy and bumpy on Tuesday, Bloody COLD
but an excellent ride DOWN HILL all the way. 
300 nm’s in 53.5 hrs for average of 5.60 knots. 
Day Nine – Sun, 9th Dec 2012
Spend the day waiting for a weather window to cross Bass Strait.
Sat out a W front which rolled through on Saturday Night. 
Day Eight – Sat, 8th Dec 2012
Departed Eddystone Point @ 0630 into light NW to N winds.
Motored  to Swan Island just off the NE corner of Tasmania.
Anchored in Jetty Beach @ 1115.
Day Seven – Fri, 7th Dec 2012
Departed Skeleton Point @ 0630.
Motored sailed and anchored at Eddystone Point @ 1025.  
Mr Wonkie doesn’t like motor sailing or winds under, 10 kts. 
Got attacked by Mozzie and badly bitten........
Day Six – Thu, 6th Dec 2012
Departed St Helens @ 1130.
Crossed the bar and headed for Seaton Cove,
but ended back in Skeleton Point.  
Rollie anchorage but no better anywhere else either.


Days Four & Five – Tues 4th & Wed, 5th Dec 2012.
Departed Grant’s Point and crossed the bar on high tide.
Spent the next couple days in the St Helens Marina.
Day Three – Mon, 3rd Dec 2012
Departed Wineglass Bay @ 0730 in SE Winds.
Ended the day with strong headwinds to 35 kts.
Lots more practice reefing the main etc.
Anchored outside St Helen’s Bar @ 2015 LONG Day.
Day Two – Sun, 2nd Dec 2012
Departed Monk Bay @ 0700, Early start!!!
Motored across to Dennison Canal Entrance arriving @ 0815.
Passed out Marion Narrows @ 0930 Motor Sailing.
No joy with Mr Wonkie (Windvane).
Anchored in Wineglass Bay @ 1800.
Day One – Sat, 1st Dec 2012
Departed Prince of Wales Marina @ 1030 ADST.
Interesting 1st day – forecast SW 20-35 kts ACTUAL Highest Gust 47 kts
Lots of practice reefing the main and tried out the staysail 
Passed by Purple Hippo on the lower Derwent River.
Anchored in Monk Bay on the Tasman Peninsula @ 1625.
Met up with Steve & Deb on Vivarina – Chamberlin 12M Catamaran.