Day 35 - Sunday, 14th August 2011

The sea conditions have greatly improved and calmed down with the wind from behind, but light and very shifty. I suppose you cannot have everything. The high over Tasmania which has caused these winds have made it very tricky and frustrating to escape from the Tasmanian coast. It seemed that I was changing course every 5 minutes to try and keep up with the changes in the wind, just to keep BWR moving, so not a lot of sleep was to be had. Then finally at about 2am Sunday morning the south east wind came in at a steady strength and direction so we have been making great progress across Bass Strait and by Sunday night we will be across and heading up the NSW coast. Some of the safety gear that I carry on board is a PLB personal locator beacon from Epribhire which is always in my pocket of my Southerly Breathable Jacket from Burke Marine. The Life Raft has been supplied from my good friends Rupert, Karen and Josh from Crane & Cartage Whitsunday, and of course protection for my eyes sunnies from Barz Optics. Thanks for your support guys I couldn’t do this challenge without your help.

PHOTO - Sunrise in the Tasman at Last.