Day 33 - Friday, 12th August 2011

Finally made it, Yeah Ha!!

Last night we rounded South East Cape the final mark of my circumnavigation, right at the bottom of Tasmania, it was head winds all the way and cold. I had to be outside for a while as one of my Tasmanian sponsors Terry Travers from Sole Pattirson Mersey Pharmacy flew out in his plane with a photographer on board. Took a bunch of photos and video as well, (can’t wait to see it). There are a lot of islands and rocks along the bottom there, so it pays to be very careful. It has been a long hard slog to get around here and a huge relief for me, all my team, family and friends back home. Today the wind has dropped off and is finally behind me, at last I can put some downwind sails up and head for home about a 1000 nautical miles away. While I had limited cell phone contact I was able to make a few  calls to friends and family plus my other Tasmanian sponsors , Chris from Boat Names Australia who supplied all the sponsors logos for the voyage and Roy from Ocean Tracker who said in his own words in Facebook about the tracker map being off line.

I have had the week from HELL!!

 Anyway thanks guys for your support.

PHOTO - Bottom of Tasmania heading for South East Cape.