Day 30 - Tuesday, 9th August 2011

Finally we (me and big wave rider) are getting there.

These head winds are still with us and look like they will be there to the bottom of Tasmania, which is about 250 miles away. At the moment I am 100 miles west of the top. The wind has been up and down all the time, so I’ve spent lots of time reefing in and out to keep BWR going at the best speed for the conditions. So no rest, just have to keep plugging away till I get there zig zaging all the way to the bottom.  Which means that I have to sail a lot further than a straight line to get there, very  frustrating at the best of times, but hopefully I should be rounding the bottom on Thursday morning. Not too much else has happened apart from some maintenance today on a couple of winches that needed some grease, otherwise  everything else on BWR looks ok so far and I just have to keep an eye on things and fix anything before it could become a major problem. Today we passed 40 south into the not so roaring forties, head winds instead of westerly’s who would of thought that and it has calmed down a lot today as well. It is really nice to have a calmer sea for a while.

PHOTO -  Slicing to Windward in the Southern Ocean