Day 28 - Sunday, 7th August 2011

Finally I have had full sail up for the first time in over a week even through it is a head wind.  The seas have calmed down over the last couple of days enough to make some decent progress but mostly to the E not SE towards Tasmania. So in about 250 nautical miles in front of me we hope that there will be the predicted wind change to allow me to head towards SE Cape at the bottom of Tasmania. To tell the truth the weather forecasts can drive you mad. When you get a good one you feel great and all is good but when you get a bad one it can be a real downer. You get in a bad mood and have had enough sometimes and just feel like going home,  but you know that it is all part of it and just have to get on with the job. It feels like I have sailed half way across the Australian Bight with the drogue out, no sails up or just the storm sail up so yesterday was great that I finally got the storm jib off and put the real one up.

One more thing I would like to thank all the people that are sending me messages via the website, face book and sat phone,  it is great to receive them  and it really makes my day to read them so keep it up thanks it really helps a lot.

PHOTO - Full Sail At Last