Big Wave Rider

I would like to tell you about how Big Wave Rider got on throughout the voyage as without her it could not have happened.  First of all she was designed by Robin Chamberlin as a performance cruiser and built under his supervision by Suzanne and myself along with family and friends.

During the voyage she did everything asked of her and more, Big Wave Rider performed exceptionally well in all conditions, she handled the tough beam on conditions from Perth down to Cape Leeuwin when the waves were hitting so hard everything was flying around the cabin including me. Once around Cape Leeuwin it was with the wind and much smoother running except for the big storm which hit soon after. Big Wave Rider performed brilliantly throughout even when the drogue line broke and we surfed down a 12+ metre wave in 60+ knots of wind. Then it was 700 miles up wind in the Southern Ocean to the bottom of Tasmania. All though these differing conditions there was no structural damage, only chafe to some of the sheets and one reef line that blew out when pulling out the reefs on the last morning before finishing and the windows sprung a couple of small leaks due to the hard time she has had. I always felt safe even though I was not very happy at times with the noise of the waves exploding against the boat it was absolutely horrendous and part of reason for that was there were no furnishings in her to absorb the noise. It is a huge testament to her design and engineering that she has come through this record setting voyage unscathed and huge thanks must go to Robin Chamberlin for this fantastic catamaran design.  We have proved that a multihull can go through extreme conditions and survive and set records as well, she is one amazing catamaran and ideally suited to the amazing voyage she has just completed.